Alexandre Birman’s Portfolio: Key Facts About Arezzo & Co’s 5 Brands

Schutz Sandals
Schutz sandal.
Courtesy of brand.

He has 5 brands, over 500 stores and sells upwards of 11 million pairs of shoes a year. In an exclusive cover story this week, FN explored Alexandre Birman’s impressive (and growing) Brazilian footwear empire. Here, a breakdown his publicly-traded Arezzo & Co’s diverse brand portfolio and background on each of the respective brands, from sales to stores.

This sneaker and sports sandal concept launched in 2015 with a São Paulo test store. Priced at under $75 a pair, it seeks to capture a young consumer with details such as interchangeable uppers. The idea came from the growing athleisure market and a suggestion from Johanna’s younger sister.

Fiever Sneakers Fiever sneaker. Courtesy of brand.

Fiever Store A Fiever storefront. Courtesy Image.

Reliably trendy yet still appealing to a slightly older, more conservative customer, Arezzo, which is only sold in Brazil, has a loyal following for its low-cost offering (most styles hover under the $70 mark). Current campaign star: Gisele Bundchen. With 385 stores, it accounts for 57.9 percent of total company sales.

Arezzo Platform Sandals Arezzo platform sandal. Courtesy of brand.
Arezzo Store An Arezzo storefront. Courtesy Image.

Aimed at contemporary risk-takers, the label’s fast-fashion styles reference the runways. Domestically among its 78 stores, the brand is considered high end at over $100, whereas in the U.S. (where it has two stores) and Europe, it’s priced in that sweet spot of $95 to $395. It currently brings in 33.7 percent of total company revenues.

Schutz Sandals Schutz sandal. Courtesy of brand.
Schutz Store Inside a Schutz store. Courtesy Image.

Founded in 2008 on the notion of “flats at a fair price,” this is the group’s lowest-price offering. With styles under $60 and an e cient merchandising concept that encourages buying multiples, the domestic brand looks to take a piece of the pie dominated by local players Melissa, Havaianas and Ipanema. It accounts for 7.3 percent of total sales.

Anacapri Sandals Anacapri sandal. Courtesy of brand.
Anacapri Store An Anacapri storefront. Courtesy Image.

Alexandre Birman
The high-end brand (croc trimmed styles start at $750) has refined its quality and positioning in top-tier international retailers, plus two of its own stores in São Paulo. While still only 1 percent of the company’s total revenues, sales doubled between Q2 2015 and the same period this year.

Alexandre Birman Sandals Alexandre Birman sandal. Courtesy of brand.
Alexandre Birman Store Inside an Alexandre Birman store. Courtesy Image.