Just Blaze Reveals The First Pair Of Kicks He Begged His Mom For

Just Blaze record producer
Record producer, Just Blaze.
Courtesy of Packer Shoes.

The record producer started his sneaker collection early — pre-kindergarten to be exact. But it wasn’t until the Jordan 3 came out that he started really obsessing over kicks. Here, Blaze opens up to Footwear News about being a sneakerhead.

“I got into sneaker collecting by not being able to afford to buy sneakers. A lot of us collect things our families couldn’t afford as kids. The first pair of shoes I ever begged my mother for were navy blue Pro Keds — that was in pre-kindergarten. From there, it was Zips, and by second grade, it was KangaRoos.

Navy Pro Keds sneakers Navy Pro Keds sneakers. Courtesy of Shiekh Shoes.

KangaRoos Sneakers KangaRoos sneakers complete with pockets. Courtesy of Shane + Shawn.

The Jordan 3 was the first sneaker I actually obsessed over. My mom didn’t have $100 for a pair of sneakers, so she took me to a local store and got me Spot-Bilts, Saucony’s basketball shoe. That was the first semi-fresh pair of sneakers I ever  had as an adolescent. When I started making real money, I guess in 1997, is when I really got into it. When they reissued the Jordan 3, I was on tour with an artist I was working with called Bathgate. We were playing this festival in a mall parking lot the day the Jordan 3 Retro came out. It was the first time I went into a store and said, ‘I want every pair of this shoe you have in my size.’”

Classic Hip-Hop Sneaker Styles Nike Air Jordan 3 True Blue sneakers. Amazon.com.

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