Netflix Cracks Down on Streaming Movies From Abroad

Netflix Restricts Streaming Movies Abroad
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Breakfast at Tiffanys

New Year, new Netflix?

Much has been made this morning about the video streaming site taking a tougher stance on viewers logging on to watch American movies abroad. Film fans outside the states, who were previously able to bypass the regional system with special software that masked IP addresses, took to social media to voice their frustrations.

However Netflix insists it hasn’t changed its content settings, which vary from nation to nation.

“Virtually crossing borders to use Netflix is a violation of our terms of use because of content licensing restrictions, and we employ standard measures to prevent this kind of use,” said Marlee Mosele, a spokesman for the company.

If you’ve got plans to log on and binge watch a few film favorites, FN’s rounded up top-notch fashion flicks to catch this winter:

Annie Hall: Woody Allen’s ode to Manhattan, starring ever-trendy Diane Keaton as the title character. Keaton’s Annie is a study in menswear, mussed-up hair and strategic accessories.

Annie Hall Annie Hall Annie Hall

Breakfast At Tiffany’s: Audrey Hepburn wasn’t the author’s original choice for Holly Golightly, but who else could have captured the essence of the Swinging Sixties uptown quite like the brunette?

Breakfast at Tiffanys Breakfast at Tiffany’s Breakfast at Tiffanys

Bill Cunningham New York: The city’s most stylish fashion plates are snapped by the original street-chic photographer.

Bill Cunningham New York Bill Cunningham New York Bill Cunningham New York

Clueless: Because what would a fashion in film list be without the inimitable tale of Cher Horowitz? 1990s style nerds, rejoice.

Clueless Clueless Clueless

My Week With Marilyn: Michelle William steps into the iconic shoes – and high hemlines – of Marylin Monroe in the Academy Award nominee.

My Week With Marilyn My Week With Marilyn My Week With Marilyn

The Talented Mr. Ripley: Gwyneth Paltrow ticks all the boxes in this whodunnit caper set along the Italian coast in the 1950s. Elegance personified.

The Talented Mr. Ripley The Talented Mr. Ripley The Talented Mr. Ripley

Roman Holiday: Again it’s Italy – and Audrey Hepburn – for the win in chic wardrobe choices fit for a princess.

Roman Holiday Roman Holiday Roman Holiday

Ready-to-Wear: Not familiar with this Julia Roberts catwalk flick? Pretty Woman’s not on Netflix (yet), so satiate style cravings here.

Ready to Wear Ready to Wear Ready to Wear