Barbie Can Finally Wear Flats: 6 Chic Pairs For Her Now

Barbie flats
Barbie wearing new flat sneakers
Barbie Style Instagram

At long last, Barbie will finally be able to wear flats.

Since January the company has been releasing more dolls with varying hair styles and skin colors and the new diverse look of the doll also means that Barbie’s style is getting a boost. The iconic doll’s feet got a makeover so she can wear everything from sneakers to ballet flats.

For the first time ever Barbie’s ankles are bendable giving the option for more shoe styles. Many of the career Barbies  will come with both flats and heels as a part of the launch.

It’s about time the fashion-lover’s shoe wardrobe got a boost. At 56 years young we imagine she’d want espadrilles as much as she’d want those pink platforms. We imagined our favorite styles translated for the famous fashionista and her new bendable feet. And if you’re looking for more Barbie style, just keep tabs on her very chic Instagram page.


Chanel Ballet Flats: What’s a girl without these iconic staples? Can we get a pair in pink please?

Chanel Ballet Flat Chanel Ballet Flat


Espadrilles: Malibu Barbie probably has discovered heels and the beach don’t mix. May we suggest a chic pair of Soludos?

Soludos Espadrilles Soludos Espadrilles, Nen Barca Stripe Brand.

Gladiator Sandals: What’s more iconic than a Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandal? This in fashion style will be perfect for brunch to the music festival.

Stuart Weitzman Gladiators Stuart Weitzman Sparta gladiators Brand.


Adidas Superstar: Barbie is an on-the-go girl, and why not throw in the perfect all-purpose sneaker?

Adidas Superstar Pink Adidas Superstar Brand.

Dr. Martens 1460: Maybe it’s the nostalgia in the office for the 1990s when we played with Barbies, but what good is a closet without one iconic downtown piece?

Dr. Martnens 1460 Dr. Martnens 1460 Brand.

Moschino Barbie Collection: It may be painfully obvious, but when an entire season is an homage to you, it’s kind of a necessity for the shoe closet.

Moschino Barbie Flats Moschino Barbie Flats Brand.