CB Made In Italy’s Cecilia Bringheli Shares Her Milan Travel Tips

CB Made in Italy's Cecilia Bringheli.
Cecilia Bringheli.
Courtesy of brand.

Cecilia Bringheli, the Italy-based designer behind shoe line CB Made in Italy, shares her local perspective on visiting Milan.

My favorite neighborhood: “Brera. It’s where I grew up and where I have my store. It has a wonderful creative energy that never seems to go away.”

Go-to dining spots: “La Libera in Brera is one of my favorite restaurants. My parents had their wedding party there back in the day, and I have known Italo, the owner, forever. I usually order the Cotoletta alla Milanese.”

Brera Academy Milan, Italy The courtyard of Brera Academy. Getty Images.

For a night out: “I love to stop at Bar Jamaica, a neighborhood classic that has been around for ages.”

Great art scene: “Galleria d’Arte Moderna and the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea in Piazza del Duomo.”

Galleria D'Arte Moderna. Galleria D’Arte Moderna. Shutterstock.

Place that never goes out of style: “Teatro alla Scala.”

Milanese style icons: “Italo Manca all the way and, of course, my gorgeous mother, Chantal Gugenheim. All my life I saw her dress effortlessly, be it in Milano or Positano, where we spent our summers.”

Best thing about living here: “Of course, the food and the fashion.”

If Milan were a shoe, it would be: “A flat moccasin style from CB Made in Italy — the Positano.”

CB Made in Italy shoes The Positano slipper from CB Made in Italy. Courtesy of brand.