Adidas Reveals Exclusive Messi Cleat: Only 100 Pairs

Adidas Releases 100 Messi Cleats
On Oct. 10, the athletic company plans to sell 100 pairs of Messi's new cleats.
Courtesy of Adidas.

Scoring for Lionel Messi comes easy. Scoring a pair of his latest cleats is a different story.

The soccer great and his longtime sponsor, Adidas, plan to release the Messi 10/10 on Oct. 10. The catch: the company will issue 100 pairs globally, and they will be offered in only the soccer star’s size, 8.5. What’s more, the pairs are available for just one day at the Adidas store in Barcelona.

The German company said it hopes to “start a new tradition of collector’s edition Messi cleat launches, which will drop on the same date every year.”

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Each pair comes with an embossed leather tag that displays the serial number within the collection.

According to the company, the Messi 10/10 cleats will “celebrate [the] reinvention of the number 10 role in soccer, with his iconic shirt number set on the heel in real metallic gold.”

Adidas has been centering much of its soccer marketing around the athlete this year. In May, it debuted a clever ad campaign with the Argentine star and other top players to announce company plans to shed its existing line of soccer cleats.

And on July 1, Adidas released Messi-inspired soccer cleats, called the MESSI15, with the goal of matching his on-the-field footwear requirements.