FN Spy: Kristen Stewart’s Red-Carpet Secret

FN Spy: Kristen Stewart's Red-Carpet Secret
Kristen Stewart in Stella McCartney pumps

Kristen Stewart likes to mix things up.

The “Snow White & the Huntsman” star made headlines last week when she talked to Kelly Ripa about arriving to film premieres and events in sneakers and quickly changing to heels before hitting the red carpet.

“I’m just trying to be different, trying to be cool,” she told Ripa on “Live! With Kelly” on Thursday.

And apparently Ripa is a fan. “I’ve noticed this trend and on you it’s adorable. You wear high heels walking the red carpet, but then you change into sneakers with your formal wear,” she said on the air.

For example, at the London premiere of her film last month, Stewart arrived in Nikes, before switching to an evening look by Jimmy Choo. And last week, the celeb rocked the L.A. premiere in a pair of Stella McCartney pumps (pictured), which begs the question, where did she stash the sneakers?