3 Questions for Miz Mooz’s Ron Kenigsberg

Miz Mooz is having a moment with its fans.

This year, the brand is putting a larger focus on PR and social media. “The customer is more engaged than ever, and it has become so much easier to really gauge the demands and desires of the market through the Internet,” said President Ron Kenigsberg.

For example, the brand regularly posts to its blog, Facebook and Twitter page about anything from the team’s favorite bands to Kenigsberg’s recent trip to Las Vegas for FN Platform.

“It’s been exciting to see our online community grow as our fans relate to us as a brand on a more intimate level,” said Kenigsberg. “We’re still tickled every time someone posts a picture of themselves wearing Miz Mooz on our Facebook wall, and it’s thrilling to feel so connected to the people who are wearing our shoes.”

Here, Kenigsberg weighs in on the importance of customer interaction and the brand’s unique look.

1. What do you have in the works for 2012?
Aside from continued freshness in design, we hope to forge an even stronger relationship with our end consumer. With greater outreach on social media sites, we want to keep our fans engaged and interested, not just in the product but in the message. And we want to engage with them not only about the shoes we make but about the things that interest them. The Miz Mooz girl likes to have fun and try new things, and we believe the more we engage with the customer about those aspects of her life, the more she’ll identify with the brand. We also expect continued growth abroad, as we have invested heavily in developing the European market. Miz Mooz is now available throughout much of Western Europe.

2. How would you describe the look of the fall ’12 line?
The Miz Mooz fall line is full of classic styles with unexpected twists. We’ve given oxfords new life with patent leather and exaggerated heels, added trims in contrasting colors to pumps and boots, and modernized our favorite wedges with playful cutouts. Of course, there is no shortage of buttons or laces, elements of the signature Miz Mooz style.

3. What inspires the “quirky” styles at Miz Mooz?
We’re inspired by vintage designs and color, and you see both of those elements in our [shoes], reworked each season.

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