Ryn USA to Become Novascarpa Group

Ryn USA to Become Novascarpa Group
Terox Rock Flop

Ryn USA has undergone a name change to accommodate its expanded offering of wellness brands.

Effective immediately, the Boise, Idaho-based company will be called Novascarpa Group and will expand its brand holdings. In addition to Ryn, it will now distribute the existing Chung Shi brand and new Terox label.

Previously, the German-based Chung Shi line was available exclusively in 170 Footwear Solutions stores nationwide. According to Terry Stillman, co-CEO and VP of marketing for Novascarpa, while the brand will continue to be sold through Foot Solutions stores, it will now have additional distribution via other retail venues. However, he stressed, distribution will not be duplicated in areas where Foot Solutions sells the brand.

Novascarpa also is launching its own wellness product under the Terox name. The line  combines rocker and barefoot technologies and is set to launch in June with the Rock Flop, a men’s and women’s lightweight flip-flop, available in three colorways. The style retails for about $140. According to Stillman, each sandal comes packaged with three interchangeable uppers for added versatility. Moving forward, other categories will be added, including athletic looks and an expanded sandal offering.

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