Cat Footwear Signs Mike Rowe

Cat Footwear Signs Mike Rowe

TV personality Mike Rowe, host of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs,” is applying his work know-how to the footwear market.

Rowe has partnered with Rockford, Mich.-based Cat Footwear on a line of men’s workboots and shoes under the Mike Rowe Works by Cat Footwear label.

Kelly Ballou, marketing manager for Cat, said in a company statement, “Mike Rowe is the perfect partner. From his show, Mike has extensive experience with the challenges that the everyday worker faces.”

According to Rowe, Cat approached him about collaborating after noticing his beat-up footwear on the show. The company asked if he’d like to try something more appropriate for his line of work.

The collection, set to launch in November, will include a tight assortment of workboots and rugged casual shoes, inspired by Rowe’s work experiences. According to Ballou, Rowe will even tap his followers for product feedback. Retail prices range from $100 to $130.

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