Sears Debuts ‘Shoe Experience’ Online

Sears is looking to enhance its online shoe offering.

The retailer has just launched the Sears Shoe Experience website, where consumers can make purchases and get trend advice in the fashion, kids’, fitness and work categories via blogs hosted by

“The online shopping community is evolving every day,” Imran Jooma, president of e-commerce at Sears Holdings Inc., said in a statement. “It’s become even more important to provide our customers with the choices and conveniences they need to make smart shopping decisions.”

Among the features on the site is a personal shoe-shopper program, where customers can receive personally selected shoes within 24 hours. The retailer also is tapping into social media on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo.

President of footwear at Sears Holdings Nicholas Grayston said in a statement, “The new footwear experience is another example of how we’re innovating through content, not just technology.”

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