McQueen’s Footwear Partners React to His Death

McQueen’s Footwear Partners React to His
Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoes on the runway.

Alexander McQueen’s footwear partners were shocked to hear about the British designer’s passing when reached by Footwear News this morning.

“Lee [his given name] was an amazing and inspirational person, a true genius. I feel privileged to have worked with him,” said Georgina Goodman, who consulted on his women’s footwear.

Goodman helped create the vertiginous Armadillo shoes with 9.4-inch heels that set Paris runway show audiences abuzz last October. 

“It’s a real shock, I’ve just found out about it,” said Brighton-based designer Scott Emerson, the designer behind Narrative, who, for the past six seasons has worked closely with McQueen on men’s shoes. “He was a joy to work with, a creative force and an effervescent character. It’s awful. They’re all gearing up for the women’s show, and now this.”