Hi-Tec Plans Move to Oregon

Hi-Tec Sports USA is moving its headquarters from Modesto, Calif., to Portland, Ore., and hoping the new location attracts a more experienced staff.

CEO Bill Berta said recruiting marketers with knowledge of the footwear industry in its former location became troublesome, and the company hoped the move would offer more qualified candidates.

“The talent pool for footwear marketing and product positions there is very limited,” he said. “It’s too hard to get people to move down there [to Modesto].”

Berta said the relocation offered another advantage: The company would have a greater opportunity to spend face-to-face time with its footwear clients, who visit Portland more frequently. “We have a lot of [retail accounts] who come [to Portland] two, three, four times a year to see Nike [and others located in the area]. This will give us a better opportunity to get [them] into our offices. We also have a lot of international [partners] who come through Portland.”

At some future date, the firm may also be able to tap into Portland’s design talent, but not yet, Berta said. “Most of our product development happens in the U.K., [so] this won’t have any direct immediate impact on product.”

The new offices are slated to open the first week of December.

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