Timberland to Add Women’s

Timberland to Add Women’s
Timberland Boot Co.’s Marge style for women.

Timberland Co. likes the ladies.

The Stratham, N.H.-based company announced last week it would expand its higher-priced Timberland Boot Co. line with women’s looks for fall ’09.

Hitting stores in September, the women’s line will consist of 12 styles of boots and shoes incorporating organic canvas, Horween leathers and fabric details and ribbons. The collection, Timberland said, takes inspiration from the Great Depression and iconic faces of the era including Georgia O’Keefe and Rosie the Riveter. The styles will range in price from $170 to $340 and will be available at Timberland.com, as well as at selected retailers worldwide.

“The Timberland Boot Co. collection for women is designed to celebrate the creativity and individuality of the women who stepped out after fighting for and winning the right to vote in 1918,” Christopher Pawlus, senior women’s creative director, said in a statement. “The collection is designed to reflect the utilitarian, well-crafted footwear that was worn during this period and the time and care women took for their shoes to make them last for years.”

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