Sound Off: New York and London Tourists

Mitesh Misty & Nicky Raizada, 22, 21
Residence: Northampton, England
Profession: Cashier, Barclays Bank; Complaints Clerk
“We’ve been to the department stores and done a bit of shopping because the dollar to pound is good at the moment.”

Alberto Dazi, 49
Residence: Milan
Profession: Catering
“I’m here on business. The euro is good against the dollar and the shapes of shoes are different here compared with Italy, so I’ve bought a couple of pairs as souvenirs.”

Caitlin Snelson, 19
Residence: Orlando, Fla.
Profession: Student
“I’m here for a dance conference. I’ve been shopping on Fifth Avenue and stores in the West Village. We just don’t have these kinds of places at home.”

Assia Bonochia, 22
Residence: Casablanca, Morocco
Profession: Mother
“The shopping here is better than in Paris, and I’ve bought two pairs of shoes from Steve Madden.”

Clementine Lavergne, 20
Residence: Marseille, France
Profession: Student
“I’m buying shoes by Steve Madden. There’s more choice and more shops here.”

Aude Gambiez, 20
Residence: Paris
“I’m only here for three days. So far, I’ve shopped in Soho and found everything less expensive than in Paris.

Jerica Lednick
, 47
Residence: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Profession: English teacher
“My daughter and I are here on vacation for a week. Due to globalization, shops such as Zara and Mango are readily available all over Europe, but in London I find the staff much more knowledgeable and eager to help, so it is a better shopping environment.”

Isabel Simenez, 20
Residence: Barcelona, Spain
Profession: Student
“I am here for a few days on holiday. I find the shopping in London cheaper, and also there are a lot more products to choose from. I especially like the selection of shoes in Aldo and Topshop, as I can’t seem to get the styles I want back in Spain.”

Karoline Schlitt, Marie Brand, 19
Residence: Düsseldorf, Germany
Profession: Students
“We are here for only a few days on vacation. We find the shops in London slightly more expensive. However, there is a more diverse range to choose from. Compared with home, the shops in London seem more fashion-forward.”

Lisa Yung, 24
Residence: Edinburgh, England
Profession: Student
“I’m in London traveling and sightseeing. I prefer the shops in Edinburgh, as they seem to have better value for the money and are more unique.”

Aakriti Mathur, Shreya Jain & Parul Gupta, 18, 20, 23
Residence: Delhi, India
Profession: Students
“We intend to shop for shoes, clothes and souvenirs. We have [some of the same stores] in India, but the product is different.”

Keld Norgaard & Merete Anderson, 58, 56
Residence: Copenhagen, Denmark
Profession: Teaching Consultant, Teacher
“We’ve bought shoes by Clarks, North Face and Salomon. There’s plenty of choice and some things are much cheaper here.”

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