Puma to Launch Mobile Campaign in Europe

NEW YORK — To coincide with the upcoming Euro 2008 championships, Puma AG has announced the launch of its first mobile marketing campaign to appeal to soccer enthusiasts in 13 European countries.

The “Together Everywhere” program will alert participants when their favored team scores with a customized, downloadable version of the their theme song or chant. In addition to the ringtone alerts, fans also will be granted free, one-minute conference calls with as many as 10 friends — or 10 fellow fans — immediately following the score. After each game, participants will also receive a discount voucher on their cell phone that can be used at Puma’s online store.

“The idea of event-triggered conference calls is very exciting. We’ve all seen the mobiles come out after a goal is scored and we wanted to leverage that behavior and make it even easier for supporters to celebrate with their buddies or family members for free across as many European markets as possible,” said Michael Neth, group head of interactive marketing at Puma, in a statement.

Participants can register for the free program by visiting Pumafootball.com, or via text. The company plans to get the word out with press, posters and online promotions.

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