O’Riordan Resigns at ASG

Tom O’Riordan has stepped down as CEO of American Sporting Goods.
According to O’Riordan, when he joined the company in March 2007, he was tasked with positioning the company’s portfolio of brands — which includes Avia, And1 and Ryka — for an eventual sale of the company. When a sale seemed unlikely, the former Fila America CEO decided it was time to leave.
“I came in to try to get the company ready for sale, and we started to do that, but I’m not convinced [Chairman] Jerry Turner is ready to sell it anytime soon,” said O’Riordan. “We reached a point when it was time to look to do something else. I didn’t think it was a good fit for me anymore.”
For his part, Turner praised O’Riordan’s efforts at the company. “The business definitely benefited from him being here,” he said, “and we’re sorry to see him leave.”
See Monday’s issue of Footwear News for more on O’Riordan’s future plans and who will lead ASG.

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