Lamo Sheepskin Buys Oomphies Slipper Brand

Lamo Sheepskin Buys Oomphies Slipper Brand
Oomphies by Lamo

Lamo Sheepskin Inc., of Chino, Calif., known for its sheepskin footwear has acquired slipper brand Oomphies from Spain-based Menorca 1820 Inc.

Oomphies is best known for its classic leather mules in pastel and metallic colors. While the brand has had limited distribution more recently, it has maintained a following among more mature customers through its presence with online retailers.

According to Lamo CEO Joseph Li, because there remains a loyal customer base, Lamo will continue to produce both vintage styles such as the Granda mule and Laurie open-toe wedge while introducing looks to appeal to a younger consumer base.

The Secret to
2 months
[…] In 2014, California-based Lamo Sheepskin introduced a small children’s collection under the label Oomphies (a name previously...

While the shoes have been produced in Spain, Lamo will manufacture the new line in Asia with its first collection scheduled to hit stores later this month. Set to retail at $50 to $60, distribution will be focused on department and specialty stores, independents and e-tailers.

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