Heidi Klum to Launch Own Line

Heidi Klum to Launch Own Line
Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum may soon be giving the contestants on “Project Runway” a little competition.
The supermodel-turned-TV-star has teamed up with Modern Vintage and Majestic Mills co-founders Rick and Brian Cytrynbaum to create a pervasive lifestyle collection for the coming seasons.
The yet-to-be-named line is set to launch for fall ’10 with a selection of footwear, Rick Cytrynbaum told Footwear News in an exclusive interview. He said it will later branch out to include activewear, dresses and swimwear.
“[Heidi] has really established an amazing fashion direction,” Cytrynbaum said, noting that the supermodel has been instrumental in sketching and designing the line since its inception. “She’s amazing in what she does.”
Footwear is expected to make its debut at the February shoe shows with about 48 styles ranging from sky-high stilettos to tall boots. “It’s the whole ‘Heidi’s closet’ concept,” said Cytrynbaum, who is still working with the team to determine price points. “It’s feminine with a bit of a fashion and rock ‘n’ roll edge.”
Klum, who recently gave birth to daughter Lou, is also adding maternity clothing into the mix. That collection is set to hit stores in February.

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