Faces: The ACE Awards

Lady Gaga clearly knows how to get attention — and she got plenty of it last night. The pop sensation arrived at the ACE Awards to pick up her style icon honor in a bizarre getup: velvet underwear set over white lace tights and a gray shirt, with a black lace veil topped off with big hair.

And while she didn’t talk to reporters on the red carpet, she had plenty to say during her acceptance speech, ending it with a bang: “Remember, the most important fashion accessory is a condom.”

A few minutes earlier, Betsey Johnson feted Zappos.com as retailer of the year with a cheerleading routine.

Meanwhile, the Jones Apparel crew showed up in full force to support Nine West’s Fred Allard, who picked up the influencer award.

And Blake Mycoskie, founder of Toms Shoes, delivered perhaps the most heartfelt speech of the evening. “I will spend the rest of my life designing shoes we can give away,” he told the crowd. “For 40 percent of the world, shoes are not an accessory, they’re a necessity.”

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