Creative Rec Bows NY Showroom

Creative Rec Bows NY Showroom
Creative Recreation's new showroom in New York.

Los Angeles-based Creative Recreation celebrated the opening of its first New York showroom this week. Located on Greene Street in Soho, the space was designed by Dror Benshetrit, founder and master designer behind Studio Dror.

“For me, it’s most important to cater to what the shoes are all about,” said Benshetrit, “And with sneakers, there are two different types: the simple basic pair you can wear with anything, and the unique pair you’ll only wear with a specific outfit.”

In keeping with that philosophy, the designer split the showroom in half with two contrasting designs. One wall features a minimalist design with a pop of color. The other was painted slate-gray with ornate styling and is adorned with empty picture frames and a pair of commissioned paintings. The shoes are showcased in the center on easel-like shelving units.

The space, according to the company, was designed to encourage buyers and visitors to hang out in the showroom. It also features some of the furniture Benshetrit has designed, as well as a grand piano.

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