Ex-TBL Employee Buys GoLite Footwear

NEW YORK — GoLite is back.

Just over a month after Stratham, N.H.-based Timberland Co. announced it would shutter the trail racing shoe brand, GoLite has been bought by New England Footwear, a newly formed company headed by Doug Clark, former head of Timberland’s Innovation Factory. New England Footwear, also based in New Hampshire, was created specifically to make the purchase.

Terms of the deal were not immediately disclosed, but in purchasing the GoLite footwear business, New England footwear has obtained the rights to existing designs, all excess inventory and has the ability to make and market new styles under the name.

According to CEO Clark, the brand will relaunch at the upcoming OR show this August in Salt Lake City. It will present approximately 14 styles, including six carryover styles and eight new designs that will include hikers, trekkers and hybrid styles.

GoLite initially made its mark by putting cushioning on the shoe’s outsole and structure on the insole.

Speaking to Footwear News the day the deal was made official, Clark said he was confident the GoLite technology had what it takes to make it in the outdoor market. “In working with the [shoes], I became convinced and confident that this was one of the biggest breakthroughs the outdoor industry has had, and the time is right,” he said. “I’ve invested the last four years of my life in this technology, and my heart is into making sure this GoLite footwear idea reaches all the potential it has.”

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